You Are So "Awesome” – NOPE!

It’s Not Enough To Be “Awesome”

So you call your program “Awesome”.

You can not open enough “Awesome” rehabs, hire enough “Awesome” counselors, distribute enough “Awesome” medication, or open enough “Awesome” intensive outpatient programs to arrest the ongoing addiction epidemic.

The issue is not “messaging”, or insurance parity or funding for early education and prevention.

All of these “interventions/programs” touch only a fraction of the “problem”.

Willing & Wanting

These programs all lean on the fundamental assumption of a “willing client” who shows up and does what he or she is told…

“You gotta want it”…

I heard it proudly proclaimed in a professional setting again yesterday.

The “hit bottom” attitude and mentality is pervasive throughout the industry.

It’s Stunning.

I’m not even sure people know how they sound when they spout this stuff. Or do they actually believe this shit?

The issue is very fundamental. The issue is easy to identify and can be effectively addressed.

In a cost effective manner.

One More Time…From The Top:

  1. 90% of people in need of help never never get help.
  2. When you ask them why they don’t get help: only about 5% say I tried but couldn’t access help.
  3. The rest say something like “I don’t need” help. Which, by the way, is a predictable and naturally occurring psychological defence response. In most cases its not even true. In most cases the person is scared, full of shame, full of fear. And this can be processed.
  4. Society responds to the people who say “I don’t need help” by saying “let them hit bottom and have enough pain” and they will come to treatment and do what they are told.

Private treatment organizations have annual conferences to celebrate how excellent they are at working with people who do as they are told

Every “innovation” is focused on the willing client.

There Is A Solution:

Consider this, there are programs like FAVOR Greenville (and others) that are experts at engaging the “unwilling client”.

There are outreach models from other aspects of healthcare that can be benchmarked.


It’s a fact. Lower health care costs. Less time in jail. Increased employment. All of the quality of life indicators improve.

Stay In Your Lane

This service CAN NOT be delivered by treatment providers. Stay in your lane.

Let us do what we do. You do what you do. If you back off you will get more “clients”.

You will get more “heads in beds”. You have no idea how to do this type of work.

The hit bottom mentality is deeply ingrained and will take decades to work its way out of the collective industry culture.

Think of FAVOR Greenville (and others) as a vendor you can hire.

State governments. Private providers. Insurance companies and others.

The 5-Year Model

Hire us and watch the return on investment as people show up for outpatient appointments; stay out of emergency rooms; return to the workforce.

NOTE: this is NOT a “warm hand-off” model. This is a 5 year follow up model.

Be careful where you shop for this specialized service.

Like a shady mechanic. They will take advantage of you because you don’t really understand how this works.

You Can Do More

This model can be parsed out much further and deeper. There is more we can do.

The entire referral process could be changed. Changed to increase engagement. But I don’t want to distract.

You can use this…. but caution. Talking like this will get thrown out of the club.

You won’t be invited to speak at this year’s “We Are Awesome” conference.

Calm down… It’s just a discussion.

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