Conversations Must Change

Frustrated with some recent interactions concerning addiction professionals

I made the mistake of getting baited into the debate. Pulled into the fray. I have zero self control. So I jumped in.

Now I might as well run with it…

For The Professionals

To all the professionals working in “addiction treatment/recovery” industry:

We all need to work hard to change the conversation surrounding substance use disorders.

We know that people who progress into the most severe stage of this disorder do outrageous, dangerous, unacceptable things along the way.

Flipping Intense

That’s why it gets so intense and everyone flips out if someone “relapses”. By the way it’s not a “relapse” unless it’s return to full symptoms and the criteria are met.

It could just be “they used a substance”.

This is not black and white, win or lose. Either you are “In the club” or “out of the club”.

If you are a healthcare provider then act like one.

Just for clarification, if you are a licensed facility/professional you are technically a healthcare provider.

This mentality hurts everyone. It hurts families as well. Creates hysteria. God help us all. 🙏🙏


Furthermore …The disorder is classified as mild / moderate / severe.

Stop treating everyone as severe or waiting until it progresses to severe.

Get in game earlier. Adjust your approach to the individual. Not the individual to your approach.

Even if the disorder is severe. The disorder, like all other disorders, will manifest itself differently in different people.

The entire world of medicine knows that behavioral health (which includes SUD) epitomizes “intuitive healthcare”.

No Right, No Wrong

There is no right or wrong because there is no precision.

It’s not a broken leg where you can point to the problem and the definitive solution.

It’s “judgement”. Stop acting as if you know what works for everyone.

No one knows what works for everyone. The best we can do is guide and encourage. YOU DON’T KNOW.

You Are A Professional

Again, you are a professional…WHO CARES WHAT WORKED FOR YOU…

You are in the role of a healthcare provider. Not the Chairman of your Home Group.

I hope my doctor doesn’t just pray over me because it “worked for him”…

There is more we DON’T know about addiction than we do know.

It’s never been researched or studied until recently. This is all new.

In 10 Years

There will be breakthroughs and the way we handle this disorder will be completely different within 10 years. In terms of your own self interest…. open your mind.

You will be out of business if you keep on this path.

God bless America… 🙏🙏🙏

You Are Not Unsinkable

Sir…that’s an iceberg on the horizon. Maybe we should change course?

Nonsense Richard…. this is the Titanic. Unsinkable. The finest ship ever built.

God save the Queen..🙏🙏

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