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I am certain that there is no certainty surrounding substance use disorders and their “cause”.

Despite popular opinion and what you hear out there in Expertville.

We are relatively clueless. SUD falls in a category of medicine called “intuitive medicine”.

Versus treating appendicitis, which is an example of precision medicine. (See below; SUD would fall similar to depression, since society doesn’t actually think it’s a disease it’s not listed on this chart).

Like any other disorder, SUD will manifest itself in a wide variety of ways.

The level of complexity with co-occurring mental health and underlying factors of trauma/adverse childhood events is an example.

I also believe their are vast differences in the neurobiological component.

We are not all physiologically identical. All who “cross the line” may experience a fundamental change in the brain, however, how we get there varies greatly from person to person.

Furthermore, many haven’t “crossed the line” but misuse is killing them anyway. Let’s be clear. You do not have to be an “addict” in order to destroy yourself with substances.

Therefore, restoration to health will vary greatly from person to person. The destination and the path will vary.

In addition, what you need early in your recovery will differ from what is needed down the road.

Other issues are likely to take center stage as you progress in your recovery.

Be creative and open to other wellness alternatives. Avoid getting stuck.

However, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. If you are feeling good keep on the same path.

Simple logic…. #droppinknowledge2019.

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