Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health Crisis

I am very certain that the following modern realities contribute mightily to current mental health crisis, our stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, angst, despair, substance use/other self destructive behaviors and on and on….

The Steps

  1. The “Look At Me” Peacock Culture
    The spectacle culture. Constant 24 hour a day comparisons magnified by filtered images and manufactured scenario. “Purchased” (literally) followers/“likes”, digital profiling, fear of being left out, status envy on steroids.
  2. Too Many Choices
    Way too much of everything. Too many types of everything. From cereal to cars to software. Ridiculous and overwhelming.
  3. Too Much
    Too much info and Too much toxic info.
    What do you read next?
    What do you binge watch next?
    Who do you spend your time with and where do you go eat tonight?
    Which website do you use to check restaurant reviews…. ?
    What source do you trust?

    Your argument defending your position on important matters is essentially a series of googled research articles that support your opinion. Stop doing that.

  4. Hysteria and Shark Shaming!
    Out of context reporting on tragic situations. Creating hysteria. Click bait journalism.
    If it bleeds it leads has gone to another level. Kid attacked by shark in Nebraska circulates the cable news. Moms around the nation immediately enroll children in shark awareness training. PETA gets involved and is pissed sharks are being “shamed”.
    CNN runs a town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper: titled – “Has America Jumped the Shark-Intolerance and Fish-Hate Hits the Heartland”.
  5. Tribalism
    Total tribalism on all political fronts. Trickling down to constant agenda pushing at all levels by all people in all parties. Always.
    People speak only in talking points. The call out culture runs the day. People troll online and in real life just waiting to call out other people when they violate a sacred principle of their identified tribe. Such bullshit. This circus is accessible all the time. Leads to a complete disregard for facts and a general feeling the world is falling apart. People have abandoned critical thinking.
  6. Constant Connection 24/7/365
    We are always on the hook with work and other responsibilities. Requires concentrated willpower to check out.
  7. The “Hurry Up & Get That Done” Vibe
    This seems to pervade every aspect of life. All sports are organized. All activities are organized.
    Vacations are a competition. They are organized and just splendid. And the results are broadcast over social media.
    For the record, my vacations are WORK. Kids wear my ass out.
  8. TV Remotes Have 8,974 Buttons
    Every freaking device is too cool for its own good. They can record a show while watching another show while transcribing another show while running a retina scan while teaching the baby math, while turning oven off, while monitoring the perimeter, while changing the oil in the van etc…,

    That’s all I want to do …. Same complexity exists for all software updates and app instillation etc….

  9. User Names & Passwords
    Too many user names and passwords to remember. The human brain is not designed for such things.
  10. Bank Cards
    Bank cards that get randomly shut down because of new upgraded protection. With no warning.
  11. The 10 Second Rule, Rules!
    The sense that my phone is “too slow” when I Google something.
    There was a time when I just wouldn’t have the answer to that question or the address to that business etc… it would not be “at my finger tips”.
    Now I get frustrated and lose my mind if I can’t get the answer within 10 seconds.
  12. The GPS Lady
    The GPS woman providing directions.
    When you get off an exit to use the bathroom and she frantically screams at you…”proceed to the route”…

When it comes to explaining our current mental health crisis…. this list is as good as any explanation I have ever seen.

If you don’t know…now you know. You know very well….. 😎

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