Individual Support

Rebuilding Lives
Rebuilding Lives

FAVOR Greenville offers programs and services that help people achieve and sustain recovery.

All programs are available at no cost. For more information about Individual Recovery Support contact: FAVOR Greenville at 864-385-7757.

All Recovery Meetings

Who: Individuals in recovery or seeking recovery.
When: Monday through Saturday at 12:00 Noon, Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6:30 pm
Where: FAVOR Greenville Center, 355 Woodruff Road, Suite 303, Greenville, SC 29607

Whether you are in long-term recovery looking for a sober community to help with recovery maintenance, are unsure about recovery, or are simply curious to find out about the many paths to recovery, All Recovery meetings are flexible enough to meet the immediate needs of those in attendance. These meetings do not focus on a particular path to recovery but are a way for people in all types of recovery to come together and learn from each other.

Other Recovery Meetings

Women’s All Recovery Meeting
Who: Women in recovery or seeking recovery
When: Fridays at noon
Where: FAVOR Greenville Center

Men’s All Recovery Meeting
Who: Men in recovery or seeking recovery.
When: Thursdays at 8:00 pm
Where: Turning Point, 24 Bruce Rd., Greenville, SC

Meditation All Recovery Meeting
Who: Individuals in recovery or seeking recovery.
When: Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
Where: FAVOR Greenville Center

Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction
Who: Individuals in recovery or seeking recovery.
When: Fridays at 7:00 pm
Where: FAVOR Greenville Center

Sufficient Substitute AA Meetings
Who: Individuals in recovery or seeking recovery.
When: Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 pm
Where: FAVOR Greenville Center

SMART Recovery
Who: Individuals in recovery or seeking recovery.
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm
Where: FAVOR Greenville Center

Recovery Coaching

Trained recovery coaches are the heart of FAVOR Greenville. All recovery coaches are approved for service by the executive director and program manager after completing an interview process. These volunteers, in personal recovery or family recovery, commit to an initial 40 hours of training, plus on-going supervision and continuing education. A FAVOR Greenville Recovery Coach is someone who is interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in early recovery.

Generally, coaches assist participants with developing and following a recovery plan and solving problems directly related to recovery, including finding sober housing, making new friends, finding new uses for leisure time, and improving job skills. The relationship of a coach to a participant is strengths-based and highly supportive, rather than directive. It differs from the role of a 12-step sponsor or professional clinical counselor: coaches do not diagnose, provide therapy, or help a participant work the 12 steps.

To request a recovery coach, please complete our Participant Information Form.

Or download the form and mail it to: FAVOR Greenville, 355 Woodruff Road, Suite 303, Greenville, SC 29607

Telephone Recovery Support

Telephone recovery support helps people in recovery stay in recovery. A person new to recovery receives a weekly call from a trained volunteer to check in to see how their recovery is going. Sometimes just a phone call can make the participant feel wanted, included and cared about. When making the call, the caller will often feel rewarded by knowing that sometimes just listening and speaking with another person helps both of them immensely. Outcome data shows that telephone recovery support is highly effective, especially when a participant has experienced a reoccurrence. A FAVOR volunteer is often the only encouraging voice heard at a critical crossroad on a participant’s recovery journey.

Information and Referral

FAVOR staff is always available to guide participants through the maze of treatment and recovery options. We maintain a Resource Center and Library with a collection of printed material, books, meeting schedules and brochures. In addition, FAVOR offers an online Resources section on our website which provides links to available services in the area and nationally.

Please note: We follow Greenville County School District’s inclement weather policy.