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FAVOR offered our family a totally different approach that was embracing and full of hope and encouragement. Our daughter who is in recovery greatly benefited from the programs and support at FAVOR so much so she volunteers her time there. But FAVOR has also offered us support and resources that address our perspective and needs. From the meetings to the Recovery Coaches to the activities, we have learned so much about the disease, the science of addiction and the ways people can begin and remain in recovery. There is great compassion and openness at FAVOR with an atmosphere full of positivity, joy and inspiration. FAVOR is all about building relationships and providing information that is focused toward recovery. For our family, FAVOR has been life-changing. It is where you will find hope as soon as you walk in the door.

Bill & Suzanne Misiaveg

I had tried other programs but it wasn’t until I came to FAVOR and started meeting with Mike Malone that I started to understand how I could change my life and stay sober. The staff and volunteers at FAVOR are tremendously open-minded and genuine. There are no rules or traditions that you must abide by. Their philosophy that there are many pathways to recovery resonated with me and allowed me to get the help I needed. Best of all, I wasn’t alone. All of us share our stories and we learn from each other and we help each other. There is no stigma, just warmth and compassion. Quite simply FAVOR has taught me how to get through the wreckage of my addiction and start living my life again. I have been able to rebuild my life on so many levels – mentally, spiritually and physically. Thanks to FAVOR, my future looks bright and I know I can go out in the world and accomplish anything with pride with sobriety.

Jay Ivey

Almost nine years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. Do I choose my daughter, husband and a job I loved; or alcohol? I had tried to stop drinking many times before, but now I had come to a point where there were no other options; sobriety or alcoholism. I had already lost many relatives to this disease and knew the consequences.  Fortunately, when I chose to live rather than die; my daughter, husband, doctor, and therapist were there to embrace and support me.

Rather than choose the traditional support of AA, I decided to look for help in other places.  Online, I found Women for Sobriety.  It offered a means to work through my addiction with women who were struggling and women who had been successful.  At this time in my life, I needed a program that lifted me up and reestablished my self-worth. I needed to discover who I was and to develop the coping skills I had not developed.  Also, WFS was available anytime of the day or night.  Women were needing help from each other all over the world.

The thirteen statements of Women for Sobriety have changed my life and have kept me strong. I have accepted that I have a life threatening problem that once controlled me. I now take charge of my life, except responsibility, and do not let problems overwhelm me. I have learned that I have the power within me to change the course of my life with love and enthusiasm.

I am excited to be able to offer this program to the women of Greenville. It is open to anyone who has a desire to get and stay sober.  WFS members live by the philosophy:  “Release the past – plan for tomorrow – live for today.

Vicki Howard

Recovery Coach

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