Positive Psychology

The Positive Psychology Emphasis

Action yields results. If you have an adequate map you can find your way to increased level of “subjective well being” (SWB). This is the positive psychology emphasis.

Research conducted worldwide has revealed universal aspect of the human experience-as it relates to SWB; otherwise known as “happiness”.

Beyond positive psychology, therapists have known for decades the importance of action in recovery from emotional struggles. The behavioral component of therapy.

You can probably come up with your own individualized map.

Just think about things in holistic/comprehensive manner.

Physical, Emotional / Mental, Social & Spiritual

For example, focus on categories: physical, emotional/mental, social and spiritual.

  • Physical:
    1. What do I put in my body?
    2. What am I eating and/or drinking and how does it impact my mood?
    3. How does it impact my state of being?
    4. What role do medication or supplements play in recovery?
    5. How about exercise? Are you moving everyday?
  • Emotional/Mental:
    1. Are there any core issues that need addressed?
    2. Do you have untreated trauma for example.
    3. Address negative rumination and/or cognitive distortions.
    4. Find the patterns.
  • Social:
    1. Are you isolating. Americans are lonelier than ever before. Americans are more isolated (online connection doesn’t count).
    1. Get into a group. Get out and join a meet-up group.
    2. Volunteer.
    3. Also…are there any toxic people you need to cut out of your life. Bad relationships can suck the life, and the happiness, right out of you. Good relationships lift you up.
    4. Spend time with people who lift you up.
  • Spiritual: (whatever that means for you)
    1. Can you tap into the greater good.
    2. Can you identify your purpose for being on the planet?

One More Thing

We must acknowledge that circumstances (health issues, family issues, financial disaster etc…) can drag you down at any given moment in time.

But in the big picture, circumstances (on average) will only impact about 10% of your overall happiness….

It will pass. It will always pass.

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