Prepare With Confidence

The anticipation of the event is usually more anxiety producing than the event itself. Prepare the best you can and do it with confidence.

Then show up and do the best you can. If things go badly adjust and regroup.

Shake it off. And show up again…

You are the person most critical of you.

You are the person most likely to hold you back from reaching your potential.

Just Noise

The haters are just noise. Chirping in the background.

Recovering people have to be very vigilant in this area.

We are told that we are different from other people.

As if we are fundamentally flawed at our core. We even talk down on ourselves.

You are not liar, cheater and a thief.


Humility is not putting yourself down. Humility is not self-deprication.

We don’t have “addictive” thinking.

We have human thinking and we should pursue our dreams… we are as entitled as anyone to a spectacular life not just survival.

Work for it. Don’t sell yourself short.

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Source: Recovery Cartel