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Atomic Habits

The little decisions you make today add up and determine who you are tomorrow. Who do you want to be?

Just decide who you want to be and how, and become that person.

Not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Remember, it all comes down to the little decisions.

Figure out how to do the everyday hard things and it will add up to transformational impact.

The things that aren’t sexy and don’t get noticed. They add up. Atomic habits.

Snack Cakes

As the day wears on our ability to make good decisions becomes a laborious process.

Early in the day we are more likely to breeze through decision points.

We walk past the candy bowl at FAVOR Greenville.

We walk past the stacks and stacks of powdered donuts and Oreos and other “snack cakes”.

In addition to these constant temptations, you are also fully engaged in your work day or personal responsibilities.

Making decisions, negotiating situations, exploring options etc depletes our discipline reserves.


Our “willpower” is like a muscle that tires and becomes fatigued as the day goes on.

With each decision and temptation our willpower is eroded.

We are less like to pause before acting and we are unlikely to “think things through”.

Structure the environment to account for this reality.

Structure your day to account for this reality. Set yourself up for success.

Need individualised plan to conquer these situations as the details are different for each person. But remember, deciding to do the right thing requires work.

Not Easy

There is nothing easy about getting up early to complete the project or make yourself write the business plan. There is also nothing easy about the everyday “little” decisions.

But they add up, so they need the same level of attention as the high profs situations. Showing up and grinding through is the key.

I’m always struggling through and I fall off the change wagon over and over.

The only thing I get right is I refuse to quit trying to better myself and I will always show up and try again.

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