When I give a talk I do not follow the standard company line with the generic blah blah blah….

This past year I have done a bunch of talks/presentations on recovery community centers and recovery coaching. All over the country.

I am not confrontational but I am probably a bit direct and I am not always tactful. But with me, what you see is what you get, and there is no question where I stand.

I deliver recovery coaching and run organizations that provide tens of thousands of hours of coaching. I’ve talked to at least 100 parents who have lost a child.


FAVOR Greenville searches homeless encampments for participants who are enrolled in our program, we are in soup kitchens, schools, hospitals, everywhere.

We work with 8,000 plus families. My opinions are based on practice not theory.

I’m getting old. I don’t have enough time left to go along with things that aren’t impactful and actionable.

I have no time left to promote ideas that are old and stale.

No time for things that are not going to move the needle on recovery.


Also, before FAVOR Greenville I toiled in the medicaid/state run SUD system on the clinical side.

I’ve done tour of duty in private rehab. I’ve done community mental health, private practice, in-home mental health, in-home family services, had an intervention practice.

This gives me a unique perspective. Again, nothing theoretical about my opinion.

It’s based in real life experience and a boatload of education and academic training. I have strong opinions. I’m willing to adjust when the evidence suggest I’m wrong. But I won’t go along with the company line just because “it’s the way we do it”.


One subject that gets attention on these trips:

I openly state that independent recovery organizations are a “major” part of the solution.

And that, sadly, they are either completely ignored or given token support in most places.

I point out the tragedy of that reality and I clarify that a peer recovery staff in a treatment setting does not constitute a robust recovery oriented system of care. Posting someone up in detox or IOP does not address the recovery issue.

It’s better than nothing but it’s not the solution.

I talk about RCO’s being essential and I state that RCO’s should have dedicated permanent funding via federal and state drug and alcohol dollars. Significant funding. On par with prevention and treatment.


Many times there are state drug and alcohol officials and county drug and alcohol officials in the room when I make these “outrageous” statements. In some places (many places actually) this goes over like a lead balloon.

Officials in state systems do not want to hear that type of talk. But what the hell is wrong with saying that?



However, in other places there are people who want to hear more.

There are groups that agree 100%. There are even system officials who agree.

It’s fascinating to see the difference from state to state.

I have a running joke: I usually get invited to a town only 1 time and not invited back.

Once they get Rich Jones unplugged it’s one and done…. but some are inviting me back.

Oh my… that’s scary isn’t it. What if they listen to me…


Thank you Lynn Farnquist and Families Against Narcotics for the having me up for a family presentation.

Families Against Narcotics (FAN) was born out of a town hall meeting held in 2007 – a result of two teen heroin overdoses just weeks apart in the small, middle-class suburban community of Fraser, Michigan.

All told, that community suffered 30 overdoses that year. All to heroin. Needing to do something, this determined organization set out to recruit members and educate the public.

Visit Families Against Narcotics


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