Recovery Goals

Controversial and Unrealistic

Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), are commonplace in the business world.

These are stretch goals, which may seem impossible, but nonetheless push organizations to the next level. People in the recovery movement shy away from BHAGs.

BHAGs are too controversial and very unrealistic.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goals:

We believe that:

  • every single person impacted by this health issue (substance use disorder),
  • in every single place across America,
  • should get help for substance use related issues every single time it’s needed.

Mythical labels like “he’s in denial”, “she’s an unwilling and non-compliant patient”, and “she needs to hit bottom” have no place in the debate surrounding the delivery of any healthcare service.

These labels serve as excuses to justify the systematic mistreatment of 90% of people with substance use disorders. And, by extension, the 150 million family members standing by in stunned disbelief.

It is the professional provider’s responsibility to figure out a way to connect to the disconnected and engage the disengaged.

Healthcare Disciplines

The person suffering from substance use disorder is, by definition, impaired by a brain disorder. They are acting irrationally, as you would expect someone with a brain disorder to act.

Therefore, we need to figure out a way to connect.

We need to borrow from other healthcare disciplines and utilize evidence-based community outreach protocols to engage or re-engage people in need.

Rather than wait for the person to “have enough pain” and come back for another round. Another round of the same process that “didn’t take” the previous time.

Assertive Community Engagement

FAVOR Greenville calls this “ASSERTIVE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT” and we are the world’s leader in the delivery of this person centered, participant first model.

How do we define recovery?

Simple, you are in recovery if you say you’re are in recovery. There is no application for membership. No right or wrong way to “do recovery”.

There is no superior recovery, equally, there is no preferred recovery. There is no “full recovery”, and most important there is no “do it this way or die” recovery. ,

Engaging Recovery Goals

Multiple pathways exist and we just want to see your life improve.

We want to see families restored and people come back to health.

We want to see people become productive and, n addition, live life to their fullest potential.

Our focus is on the upside of recovery rather than the downside of addiction.

Change Your World

We believe that if you sign on for this new lifestyle, the sky is the limit.

Life can be amazing. Uniquely amazing when you are no longer under the control of a substance.

I’m NOT saying life is easy in recovery. But it is amazing.

Recovery is NOT some life-long burden. It’s an opportunity to chase your dreams. To change your world and by extension change the WORLD.

3 Great Recovery Goals

  1. DON’T quit.
  2. DON’T write off recovery based on a bad experience or “failed” past attempts.
  3. And finally, DON’T let anyone tell you what your destiny is….

Once again remember, no one owns recovery. No one gets to define the “right way”. There is no failure.

Get up… try again. Try a different way. Move forward.

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