Recovery Benefits Everyone!

Rich Jones, Executive Director of FAVOR Greenville

Certified Addiction Counselor
Certified Clinical Supervisor
Co-Occurring Disorder Professional
DOT Substance Abuse Professional
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
Certified ARISE Interventionist
EMDR Certified Trauma Therapist

15 Useful Strategies to Cope with Chronic Worry  

I recently found the best definition of worry.  It was in the clinical psychology textbook Worry and its Psychological Disorders by Graham Davey and Adrian Wells. From page 5: “Worry has been defined as a chain of thoughts and images, negatively affect-laden and relatively uncontrollable; it represents an attempt to engage in mental problem-solving on […]

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Recovery Coaching In The Emergency Room: Transform The System

We know that substance use disorders cost the nation over $500 billion per year. These include incarceration costs, lost productivity, costs of treatment, and related healthcare costs. The healthcare costs associated with this group are actually staggering and have been estimated to be as high as $366 billion nationwide.[i]  We also know that these costs … Read more Recovery Coaching In The Emergency Room: Transform The System

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