Recovery Benefits Everyone!

Rich Jones, Executive Director of FAVOR Greenville

Certified Addiction Counselor
Certified Clinical Supervisor
Co-Occurring Disorder Professional
DOT Substance Abuse Professional
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
Certified ARISE Interventionist
EMDR Certified Trauma Therapist

Difficult and Overwhelming at Times

This line of work can be difficult and overwhelming at times. I have actually heard some public officials who work in our addiction treatment industry say “don’t talk about the opioid crisis it will frighten people”.  Classic denial at the system and institutional levels. We need to talk about it. We need to be open […]

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6 PRINCIPLES THAT WILL TRANSFORM THE RECOVERY WORLD “Cartel–an arrangement between parties to promote a mutual interest or goal… “ I believe it will take a RADICAL reshuffling of the current treatment approach & public policy to make a dent in this crisis. I say this because all our efforts, so far, have fallen short […]

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Many times, I write a blog post to “scratch my own itch”; meaning I need to solve a problem or address a personal issue with which I am struggling.  As I work this issue out for my own benefit, I share it with you.  The hope is you will also gain from this process. What’s

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