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Recovery Benefits Everyone!

Rich Jones, Executive Director of FAVOR Greenville

Certified Addiction Counselor
Certified Clinical Supervisor
Co-Occurring Disorder Professional
DOT Substance Abuse Professional
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
Certified ARISE Interventionist
EMDR Certified Trauma Therapist

Parenting​ ​through​ the behavioral ​health apocalypse!

The Behavioral ​Health Apocalypse! Before I get to my article on the current state of behavioral health, I would like to make it clear what I intend to do with The Recovery Cartel blog. There are several very important objectives. 1.) I write so that my head does not explode. I have continuous and ever-present thoughts surrounding […]

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Behavior Change -Truth and Understanding…

Understanding behavior change Understanding the process of human behavior change is a difficult thing for most of us. We are conditioned by cultural messages of “pull yourself up by your boot straps” and “just do it”. Our heroes are often people who overcame great odds through shear will and determination.  Motivational speakers rip us a new […]

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“Just Say NO”

I LOVE FAKE HARMONY. I am a master of manipulating a situation so that “everyone stays calm”. If I am not careful this will happen in all parts of my life. Work, family, friends. This is a learned behavior and a natural result of growing up in an alcoholic home. In a war-zone. If you […]

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70,000 DEAD? Really – We gotta talk!

This is a Manifesto and a Plea for Honesty. As the data rolls in from 2016 it appears the death toll from overdose could actually exceed 70,000.  Let’s talk about the “Elephant in the Room”. Let’s get real… Let’s have a debate. Let’s have a difficult conversation. Are we allowed to disagree? Is there room for dissenting […]

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