Recovery Benefits Everyone!

Rich Jones, Executive Director of FAVOR Greenville

Certified Addiction Counselor
Certified Clinical Supervisor
Co-Occurring Disorder Professional
DOT Substance Abuse Professional
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
Certified ARISE Interventionist
EMDR Certified Trauma Therapist

Milk and the Executive!

A True Story About Milk. (sort of). I had to stop at Earth Fare to pick up some milk for the lovely Mrs Jones. The amount of choice and the depth of brand/product specificity is mind boggling. There is no such thing as MILK anymore. It takes an algorithm to figure out...

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The Rehab to Recovery Path

The Rehab to Recovery Path is the Exception People have been fooled. They think the Rehab to Recovery journey looks like this: Stand back and watch as the person endures repeated failed attempts at recovery. Tell yourself he didn’t make it because he didn’t want it...

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An Alien Came to Earth

The Alien Let me tell you a bedtime story… An alien came to Earth. Although he was lizard-like in his natural state he spent several years disguised as Tom Cruise during the height of the Mission Impossible franchise. The lizard alien became bored. Apparently the Tom...

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