Change Is Coming

Change Is Happening Now

For the first time since its “birth” the “addiction treatment/recovery industry” is experiencing change and is being judged in the court of public opinion

It is the first time it is being judged by outside parties.

There is no solid evidence that rehab works or doesn’t work. It’s irrelevant as only a fraction even attend.

Most don’t need to go to rehab.

So…. whatever. It works or it doesn’t. That’s not the problem.

Same can be said for all the different recovery groups. It’s complete nonsense to claim that any of these “work” and it’s equally nonsensical to say they “don’t work”.

Intuitive vs Precision

In medicine there are 2 categories.

  1. Precision Medicine: we are sure what’s wrong and “we are sure how to fix it”.
  2. Intuitive Medicine: we don’t really know for sure what’s wrong but “we think we can fix it this way”.

“Addiction treatment/recovery” is fully intuitive ….but people act like its precision.

All the debates and googled research articles supporting this side over that side etc…. they are just opinions.

The wild cards are the following:

  • There is unprecedented attention on the issue. And there is increasing willingness of the market to get (minimally) involved.
  • This has never, ever been considered in the past. The business model would not move and no one “outside” the bubble would get involved.
  • The model stoked all kind of failure and all kind of malfeasance; but it was never gonna move.
  • No one cared outside the bubble. And Inside the bubble personal recovery philosophy drove decision making.

Until now.

Too Many Deaths

This will prove to be the undoing of the legacy models unless they adjust.

The market does not give a shit about my opinion or your opinion.

No longer can you say: He didn’t work the program or He just wasn’t ready etc…

Too many preventable deaths and too much attention. Too many CNN and 60 minutes stories.

Moms who lost their kids are pissed. Dad’s are pissed. They have looked behind the curtain and they know too much.

Change Is Inevitable

These changes are inevitable and beyond any of us.

This is the circle of life Simba….it’s okay. As they say…. “change or die”.

Note: some people will jump on me just because I used the term “market”. I violated a talking point.

I’m aware that there is a company line: “the market sucks and this is a government/more funding/parity issue”.. I get it.

Please don’t shame me. I will report back to the re-education camp next week. I will get back on board.

Also …. please don’t comment with Googled research articles/news reports.

Make a logical argument against this perspective!

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