iPods and Recovery Coaches

What Do iPods and Recovery Coaches Have In Common?

Unsolicited advice and random observations from the front lines. We need business minded people to get in on these solutions.

The end of the “opioid money” is near. For example: The “SOR” runs out September 2020. That will be here in a blink of an eye.

When that happens all the nation-wide “special stuff” goes away. What do I mean by special stuff: emergency room peers, medication assisted tx access, increased access to narcan etc…

FAVOR Greenville funds 8 of 9 hospital programs independent of opioid money and we will fund the 9th as well if needed.

Maybe not at the same level. But we will get something figured out.


When the dust settles and the attention fades and the money goes away….ask yourself: What will Be left behind?

Will anything be different, in terms of helping people with SUD, be left behind? – Yes.

We will have really cool tool kits and resource websites. We will have a thousand certified peer support staff hanging out (sponsoring people I guess).

It looks like a full out return to business as usual is highly likely.

  • Change paradigms to change results.
  • Change funding infrastructure to change paradigms.
  • Change the gatekeepers to change the infrastructure.

Or raise up a new channel… a new vertical. Invent a business model.

Maximize Impact

Do all you can with what you have in front of you. Be creative to maximize the impact of what you have.

When you invent a product or a service. You also, many times, have to invent a business model that supports the invention.

Otherwise, when you insert the new service into the existing business model, the new service will be forced to conform to the old business practice. The innovation will get rubbed off by the old expectations.

This is why peer recovery provided via clinical treatment (or in clinical treatment setting) will eventually resemble behavioral tech more than peer recovery.

The iPod

Steve Jobs and Apple invented the iPod. But the iPod is useless without music.

Jobs had to develop and disrupt the entire business model.

Artists were selling their stuff in record stores. He had to move the industry toward completely new distribution channel. Jobs had the money to get that done.

We are not capitalized at the Apple level.

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