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Dogma, is defined as a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.

The acceptance of the principle(s) as the truth is a matter of faith.

If the right person (authority) proclaims the “principle or set of principles” followers must accept them.

Regardless of evidence. Regardless of other opinions.

Dogma is most often applied to religion but, in reality, dogma exists within any group. Any group where ideas are lifted to the level of transcendence.


First – “If you follow our way you will be saved”.

And – “If you follow our way we will save the nation”.

Then next – “If you follow our way you will be living in the truth etc…”.

In addition, if you follow this dogma; You are technically superior!

Because the dogma is the truth.


Religion goes next level because religion, ultimately, concerns matters of salvation.

But dogma goes way beyond religion. Politics for sure.

The lack of diversity in ideas among political parties is unprecedented. It’s dogmatic.

Follow the party line.


Science is dogmatic for sure, and for many science assume the throne of the deity; even though we know there is no such thing as 100% objective certainty around most phenomenon.

Science is clearly tied to political agenda and the most powerful lobbyist.

For example, the Food and Drug Administration is full of “scientists” who’s “objective truth” varies greatly depending on the “company” funding the clinical trial.

The FDA should be questioned at every turn.

But, for most Americans, what the FDA says is the gospel truth.


Good example: MSNBC and Fox News represent two divergent dogmatic cults.

Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity as the respective leaders.

Each cult thinking the other is dead wrong and they are righteous.

As we drill down we can see the dogma of academic and professional groups and “schools of thoughts”.

They believe and promote that – “Our model is the best. Our method is the best”!

Rejecting dogma in this area will result in marginalization and career suicide.

You had better tow the company line.


Certainly, dogma flows through every aspect of recovery.

Unquestioned acceptance of the pathway.

Unquestioned acceptance of the treatment model. And on and on and on!

My worst fear is that “our group” will start to believe they have discovered the truth or the “best way”.

The conclusion that “we” have it all figured out is something we must fight against.


We don’t know all the answers. But neither do the establishment providers and institutions.

We just know we don’t know, and we are committed to asking the questions and relentlessly pursuing new answers.

You can maintain your convictions while embracing curiosity and being open to new ideas.

You can even believe that your group answers is the best answer, while at the same time being open to reason and evidence.


Or…. American Idol and its NBA Sunday tomorrow..

What’s it gonna be?

The blue pill or the red?

For the record, I do NOT support moral relativism. There are universal moral truths.

They just aren’t owned by any one group.

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