We Know Best

I think it is very difficult for people to step away from the diagnostic, prescriptive mentality (here is what is wrong with you and here is how to fix it).

Historically we have been told that people with substance use disorders can’t think for themselves and they must be told how to recover.

That history of “we know best” is trapped in each of us.

(NOTE: Don’t shut me out and automatically say “that doesn’t apply to me”; as if you are above such nonsense. That’s literally impossible unless you are a cyborg. And that’s extremely dangerous way to operate)

Multiple Pathways

“Multiple pathways” to recovery (or of recovery) is misleading in the way it is currently executed….

A menu” of options that the practitioner put together is not participant centered… there is little choice in a list that is organized and presented by the “expert”.

This type of approach represents a watered down manifestation of multiple pathways.

It’s still “provider knows best” it’s just that we throw a couple other options on the list.

Big Time Example….

Making M.A.T. the only option available for opioid use disorder via limiting insurance reimbursement for detox or via government mandate. This is 100% anathema to multiple pathways.

This is why “recovery” pathways and the associated tribes are problematic…

Even if I happen to agree with the approach it’s still a problem if I view it as superior. #behonest.

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