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10% Success Rate – Maybe!

Listen, all I’m sayin’ is this.…. That for every 1 person that is helped there are 9 that aren’t even considered. And that to me this seems inhumane.

In addition, even if all the people who “show up” did get better (which they don’t) that leaves you with a 10% success rate. Which sucks.

Unless….the people who don’t show up don’t matter?

The Company Line

The official company line on them has always been unspoken. But the clear message is “they did not want recovery”. They can just…..die.

That’s always been the case.

And now, with these stunning overdose numbers, people are finally noticing this absolutely flawed and iatrogenic framework.

When a person with an alcohol use disorder dies after years and years of chronic misuse it’s easier to get away with mistreating them. Especially when the stigma was even stronger and no one wanted to talk about substance use disorder.

But now, amid stunning numbers and abrupt deaths people are pissed. Younger people dying. News stories everywhere. And lots of attention.

People will not tolerate this cluster forever.

It’s a problem. Across all aspects of the legacy system. Private and public.

And there is so much more to talk about…..

Old School Industry

I would venture to say most people with that old school industry perspective think I’m obnoxious and silly.

“That’s ridiculous Richard…everyone knows this is how it works…”.

I’ve seen them look at me puzzled. With that “what an idiot” gaze.

This is an arrogant group that can’t separate personal recovery from professional responsibilities. And/or a group that is so beholden to the business model, that reality must be distorted so they can sleep at night.

They have to tell themselves “this is the way it works”. Lest panic sweep in and cause them to run about in hysteria. Defence mechanisms are a wonderful thing.

Others think they are progressive.

Caricatures & Court Jesters

Maybe they added a recovery coach to the team (note: a recovery coach working in treatment is essential a behavioral tech….that’s not new).

They aren’t concerned. They will add yoga on the beach and work the conference circuit to drum up business. All good.

Then there are the ridiculously depressing pop up rehab operators and their mininions.

They employ people as business development/marketers (“advocates”) to make sure all is well with admissions.

These people they employ are caricatures and court jesters.

They even have a uniform that includes a modern day version of the jester’s hat. This shit is a sign of the end times.

The fact these people are players in any helping industry indicates the reign of Lucifer is close at hand.

The Wolfs Of Wall Street

The owners of these “rehabs” will simply flip the property to another commercial industry and get out of dodge when things get tough. Some of these people may be straight criminal broker types.

But I think the majority are penny stock Wolf of Wall Street types who are doing a tour of duty in the rehab space.

They will just go back to running a porn site or putting video poker machines in the back room of the country convenience store once things slow down.

Then there is a small group of industry vets who are thinking:

“Shit man….he’s right. Intakes are down.

Reimbursement is changing. Medication assisted treatment is growing. Harm reduction is becoming more mainstream.

Outside Of The Bubble

Especially those of you who actually have a business sense. Those who worked outside the “recovery bubble”.

You know markets change. You know all things pass.

Addiction treatment is not beyond reproach. And the world is waking up.

I encourage you to listen to that little voice.

The Titanic was not unsinkable. Run…. or buy a van and some property down by the river.

Again….anyone remember Blockbuster?

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