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Understanding Addiction

Every morning in Greenville County more than 40,000 people wake up to face another day that is controlled by their drinking or drug use. Some say to themselves: “I swear I am not going to drink or use drugs today. I promise.” And every morning their son, daughter, wife, husband, friend or boss wakes up with the hope that they keep this promise.

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Rich Jones Talks Recovery

FAVOR offers new hope to individuals and families suffering with substance use disorders. We believe in “many paths to recovery” and are committed to helping more people find long-term recovery. We believe that easy and immediate access to intervention services and recovery support over the long-term is the missing link in our system of care. Visit Rich’s Blog

Recovery Support

Individuals and families suffering with a substance use disorder come to FAVOR to begin a compassionate conversation about how drinking and drug use has impacted their lives. At FAVOR, they find the hope and courage they need to start a process of change based on their vision of how their lives can be different in recovery. Programs and services are offered at no cost. Learn More
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