FAVOR Greenville

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FAVOR Greenville Center

355 Woodruff Road
Suite 303
Greenville, SC 29607



Recovery Resources

FAVOR Greenville connects people seeking recovery to resources that help foster and sustain long-term recovery. Whether you are seeking resources for treatment, health or other pathways to recovery, FAVOR Greenville is a great place to start.


The Children's Program: Updates & Information

Sign up today for our 3rd series of The Children's Program! Next series starts April 22 at 6:30pm.

The Children's Program meets every Tuesday at 6:30pm for six weeks. Dinner is provided. Click here for more information.

STAR: Starting Totally Awesome Recovery Group
We will reunite on April 12th for our next STAR Group activity! Next STAR Group Meeting will be April 25th 6:30-8:30.